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Sludge Metal, Grindcore : Demenor - The Slugs Throne (2010)
Demeanor - The Slugs Throne (2010)

Demenor - The Slugs Throne (2010)

Country: Kentucky, USA
Genre: Metal / Grindcore / Progressive
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps, + WAV 1411 kbps
Size: 164 Mb


01. A Stable Life, A Bright Future
02. Grasping Every Last Limb
03. Consciousness Machine
04. Ivory Holes
05. Disgusted
06. Several Palsies
07. The Slugs Throne

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#1 Author: gm_user (26 August 2010 10:49)
Great ! Thanks !

#2 Author: st.liar (26 August 2010 13:36)
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps


#3 Author: irreligion (26 August 2010 15:02)
Dammit! Why post MP3 and WAV in the same file.. It's useless.. Nice post, but size is too big..
The MP3 is only around 40 MB...
The WAV is 128 MB.
Please post in separate files, next time.

#4 Author: st.liar (26 August 2010 20:11)
/ thanks

#5 Author: akita88 (27 August 2010 01:47)
this is the link posted directly by the band otherwise i would have posted just the mp3

#6 Author: lol (28 August 2010 00:54)
I guess it was too long to repack it you lazy m...

#7 Author: irreligion (28 August 2010 14:28)
Good post, tho... No problem...

#8 Author: akita88 (29 August 2010 12:48)
hey no need to insult i was just sharing what was shared with me......these guys worked really hard on this only to self-release it for absolutely nothing so just support the band regardless of their lack of knowledge of the ethics of sharing music online.....this is an absolute free and clear album and in my opinion one of the best in the genre all year

#9 Author: Icepick Gag Reflex (3 September 2010 09:34)
had never heard of these guys. theyre sick as fuck

#10 Author: pompaok (19 September 2010 17:15)
not bad, not bad )

#11 Author: ImpaiffEmpary (29 September 2010 00:27)

#12 Author: Demeanor (14 February 2011 00:15)
we did this because some people prefer WAV files. it's so the listener can have options. thanks for sharing and downloading everyone!

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