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Industrial/Groove Metal : City Of Fire - Trial Through Fire (2013)
City Of Fire - Trial Through Fire (2013)

City Of Fire - Trial Through Fire (2013)

Country: Canada
Genre: Groove Metal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

City Of Fire - Trial Through Fire (2013)

1. Deliver Me
2. Follow Mantis
3. Bad Motivator
4. Prometheus Unbound
5. Olympus Mons
6. Oceanaut
7. Dichotomy Blues
8. Made Of Stars
9. Steps To Redemption
10. Enjoy The Silence

Line up:
Burton C. Bell (Fear Factory) - Vocals
Byron Stroud (Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad) - Bass
Sho Murray - Guitar
Bob Wagner- Drums
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#1 Author: krozza (16 April 2013 13:13)
ohhh awesome

#2 Author: Eyetorture (16 April 2013 15:46)

#3 Author: jagr68 (16 April 2013 16:54)

#4 Author: sepo (16 April 2013 18:12)
thank you!

#5 Author: Shyku (17 April 2013 02:58)
Thank you!

#6 Author: stigmurder (17 April 2013 05:57)

#7 Author: metalsoul (17 April 2013 17:21)
lets listen to this! thx

#8 Author: FromAshes82 (18 April 2013 12:05)
Thank you!

#9 Author: mm666 (20 April 2013 19:45)
Burton C. Bell is king am

#10 Author: xpmule (22 April 2013 15:34)
looking on the internet it seems this band was started up while Burton was NOT working with Fear Factory and when FF started back up he started pulling double duty for a while and then eventually stopped answering the phone for this new band and stayed with FF (obviously)
So this is a dead band as far as I can tell and i think they were waiting a long time to release this because they were waiting to be able to tour with Burton or something, so eventually they had to release it and it looks like the last album we're all gonna get from this band. Anyway i have not listened to this yet and i got the deluxe reissue version of their debut album but that was released by MTD but that was V0.. anyone have that album as 320 ?


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