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Death Metal / Modern Metal : The Unguided - Pandora's Box (The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection) (2012)
The Unguided - Pandora's Box (2012)
(The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection 14 CD)

The Unguided - Pandora's Box (The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection) (2012)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Modern Melodic Death Metal
Quality: Mp3,CBR 320 kbps (CDrip)
The Unguided - Pandora's Box (The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection) (2012)
CD1. Inherit The Earth
01. Inherit The Earth
02. Inherit The Earth (Instrumental)
03. Inherit The Earth (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD2. Phoenix Down
01. Phoenix Down
02. Phoenix Down (Instrumental)
03. Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)
04. Phoenix Down (Nic Zardo Remix)
05. Phoenix Down (Triangular Ascension Remix)
06. Phoenix Down (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD3. Betrayer Of The Code
01. Betrayer Of The Code
02. Betrayer Of The Code (Instrumental)
03. Betrayer Of The Code (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD4. My Own Death
01. My Own Death
02. My Own Death (Instrumental)
03. My Own Death (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD5. Serenade Of Guilt
01. Serenade Of Guilt
02. Serenade Of Guilt (Instrumental)
03. Serenade Of Guilt (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD6. Collapse My Dream
01. Collapse My Dream
02. Collapse My Dream (Instrumental)
03. Collapse My Dream (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD7. Green Eyed Demon
01. Green Eyed Demon
02. Green Eyed Demon (Instrumental)
03. Green Eyed Demon (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD8. Iceheart Fragment
01. Iceheart Fragment
02. Iceheart Fragment (Instrumental)
03. Iceheart Fragment (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD9. Pathfinder
01. Pathfinder
02. Pathfinder (Instrumental)
03. Pathfinder (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD10. Where The Frost Rose Withers
01. Where The Frost Rose Withers
02. Where The Frost Rose Withers (Instrumental)
03. Where The Frost Rose Withers (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD11. The Miracle Of Mind
01. The Miracle Of Mind (Spark! Cover)
02. The Miracle Of Mind (Instrumental)
03. Tankens Mirakel
04. The Miracle Of Mind (Pre-Prod Demo)
CD12. Deathwalker
01. Deathwalker
02. Deathwalker (Instrumental)
03. Deathwalker (Pre-Production Demo)
CD13. New Day
01. New Day
02. The Fight
03. My Puppeteer
CD14. Under The Demon Wings
01. Snowstorm
02. Hate Injection
03. Prototypes
04. Vehemence
05. Domen
06. Skytrace
07. Wake Up, Stand Up
08. God's A Liar

The Unguided - Pandora's Box (The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection) (2012) The Unguided - Pandora's Box (The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection) (2012)

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