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#57579 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 20:01) Evergrey - The Grand Collapse (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57578 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 20:00) Celesty - Greatest Hits [Compilation] (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57577 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 20:00) Wrrnt - tl ridg (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57576 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:59) Paradox - The Demo Collection 1986-1987 (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57575 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:58) Be Under Arms - Let Shots Will Be Your Music (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57574 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:57) Nazareth - Live from Classic T Stage (2005) [DVDRip]
gracias por el aporte

#57573 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:57) The Black Passage - The Nothing Is Now (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57572 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:55) Amaranth Inc. - (EP) (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57571 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:55) Lucaria - To Find My Shadow (demo) (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57570 Author: SUJETOALMETAL (Today, 19:53) The Duskfall - Where The Tree Stands Dead (2014)
gracias por el aporte

#57569 Author: Brodiebrodster (Today, 18:37) Vile Disgust - Love All The Pigs (2014)
Me parece como un disco con temas muy guacala.

#57568 Author: spurrier (Today, 18:36) Islander - Violence & Destruction (2014)

#57567 Author: Twistlock (Today, 18:19) Surroundings - Of Bane, Burden & Change (2014)
really amazing album!

#57566 Author: Brodiebrodster (Today, 17:47) Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014) [Japanese Edition]
Gracias por el aporte. Suena como un disco que va ser muy lindo.

#57565 Author: Iyen R3 (Today, 17:40) Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014) [Japanese Edition]
wow finally, thanx

#57564 Author: Mib33 (Today, 17:06) Niklbk - N Fid ddrss [Jnse ditin] (2014)
Merci !

Thanks !

#57563 Author: ShyBeast (Today, 15:47) Harem Scarem - Thirteen (2014) [Japanese Edition]

#57562 Author: ShyBeast (Today, 15:41) in f Slvation - Flling m [Limitd dition] (2014)
Thanx fellow

#57561 Author: ShyBeast (Today, 15:36) Hypnos - Hypnos (2014)

#57560 Author: ShyBeast (Today, 15:34) Win the Sun - Win the Sun (2014)

#57559 Author: fuzzbomb (Today, 15:28) Ferium - Reflections (2013)

#57558 Author: asderioth (Today, 11:33) AC/DC - Rock or Bust (2014)

#57557 Author: Czerwik (Today, 11:20) Various Artists - Midnight Clear (2014)
I love these christmas songs in core edition :) THX


#57556 Author: Czerwik (Today, 11:19) Bleed From Within - Death Walk (EP) (2014)
Oh love them :) THX so much


#57555 Author: Czerwik (Today, 11:18) Capture The Crown - Reign Of Terror (2014) [Deluxe Edition]
thank you :)


#57554 Author: Czerwik (Today, 11:17) AC/DC - Rock or Bust (2014)
Can't dissapoints :) THX


#57553 Author: zyzbklsey (Today, 10:54) Downfall Of Gaia - Aeon Unveils Te Thrones O Decay (2014)
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#57552 Author: Mib33 (Today, 09:34) Issues - Diamond Dreams (EP) (2014)
Merci !
Thanks !

#57551 Author: Brodiebrodster (Today, 08:51) Temperance - Temperance (2014) [Limited Edition]
Gracias por el aporte. Me parece muy bueno el disco.

#57550 Author: makeuphyad (Today, 07:47) Subdued - Subdued (2012)
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