Scorpions - Unreleased (2015)

Scorpions - Unreleased (2015)

Scorpions - Unreleased (2015)

Country: Germany
Genre: Hard Rock
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps
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01. Animal Magnetism (Unreleased Demon Song) (Bonus Tack)
02. American Girls (Unreleased Demon Song) (Bonus Track)
03. Edge Of Time (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus Track)
04. Get Your Love (Unreleased Demo Version)
05. Searching For The Rainbow (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
06. Living At Night (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
07. Sugar Man (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
08. Taste Of Love (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
09. Running For The Plane (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
10. Just One You (Rare Song Unrealised Bonus Track)
11. The Song That Wont Go Away (Unreleased Rare Bonus Track)
12. New Horizons (Live Moscow Unrelease Rare Bonus Track)
13. Cause I Love You (Unreleased Demo Song) (Bonus Track)
14. Crazy Ride (Unreleased Anniversary Bonus Track)
15. Born to Touch Your Feelings (Unreleased Demo Version) (Bonus Track)

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Scorpions - Unreleased (2015) Scorpions - Unreleased (2015)
   Scorpions, 2015, Hard Rock        19.01.16

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   Sensonic  06:49, 22 January

Hey, that's the cover of Great White's "Hooked" :o