Dr. Hook - Collected (2016)

Dr. Hook - Collected (2016)

Dr. Hook - Collected (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Classic Rock, Soft Rock
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps (CD Rip)
Size: 481 Mb



1.Sylvia'S Mother
2.Sing Me A Rainbow
3.When She Cries
5.Carry Me Carrie
6.The Cover Of The Rolling Stone
7.If I'D Only Come And Gone
8.I Can'T Touch The Sun
9.Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie
10.Life Ain'T Easy
11.Monterey Jack
12.The Wonderful Soup Stone
13.Cops And Robbers
14.The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
15.The Millionaire
17.Everybody'S Makin' It Big But Me
18.Cooky And Lila
19.Only Sixteen
20.I Got Stoned And I Missed It
21.A Little Bit More
22.If Not You
23.More Like The Movies

1.Making Love And Music
2.Walk Right In
3.Sleeping Late
4.I Don'T Want To Be Alone Tonight
5.Sharing The Night Together
6.Storms Never Last
7.When You'Re In Love With A Beautiful Woman
8.All The Time In The World
9.What Do You Want?
10.In Over My Head
11.Better Love Next Time
12.Sexy Eyes
13.I Don'T Feel Much Like Smilin'
14.Years From Now
15.Girls Can Get It
16.Body Talking
17.S.O.S. For Love
18.That Didn'T Hurt Too Bad
19.Hearts Like Yours And Mine
20.Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk
23.I'Ll Put Angles Around You
24.Crazy Rosie

1.Last Morning
2.Bunky And Lucille
3.The Cover Of Radio Times
4.Make It Easy
5.Sylvia'S Father - Live In Holland
6.The Wild Colonial Boy
7.Sex Drive
8.I Couldn'T Believe
9.#1 Rock Radio Station
11.The Shadow Knows
12.Walking My Cat Named Dog
13.Stuck On The Wrong Side Of Love
14.When You'Re In Love With A Beautiful Woman (Extended Vers)
15.Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk (Extended Version)
16.(One More Year Of) Daddy'S Little Girl
17.After All



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Dr. Hook - Collected (2016) Dr. Hook - Collected (2016)
   Dr. Hook, 2016, Classic Rock, Soft Rock        21.03.16

   jacksonj  01:32, 22 March

This is a classic! OMG! I haven't heard "I Got Stoned and I Missed It" in ages. Thank you so much! love

   Kaimara  02:03, 22 March

Cool. Haven't heard these guys in years.